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Water With a Difference®Bottled Drinking Water project is the first of its kind to be launched in Sri Lanka with the whole objective of contributing to our society. We do this by offering a common platform for various charities to benefit by raising funds towards causes that we believe to facilitate a better way of life, making a real difference in the most disadvantaged parts of the country.

The concept was initiated by two good friends “Zilla & Sarath”……

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and Gail has been part of the water project since the concept was put together and joined the team at the time we have been looking to take it off the ground. This is what she has to say in her own word:

“When I was first introduced to “Water with a Difference” by Sarath & Zilla I was immediately inspired by the enthusiasm and passion they shared towards the project. It was something that was genuinely close to their hearts with a sincere intention of finding a simple way to give back and make a difference. What was also impressive is their visionary thinking and attention to detail, the personal effort, commitment they put in towards the initiative. The concept was well thought of from all angles to bring in both a positive social & environmental change that is needed in the current Sri Lankan context. Having said that, now been given the chance to be a part of this team I consider myself privileged and with an opportunity to prove myself with a worthy cause that is a little bit greater than an average unwavering responsibility.” 

So we are just a small team but with time and energy to give back to water project and a cause and a platform we believe in that can give back to society. We have only started small, taking a simple step towards building a successful social business model that facilitates a sustainable revenue stream in order to support deserving community initiatives. Therefore now is your chance to get involved and give back with us as we have made it as simple as drinking a bottle of water……..


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