The Difference

Like any other premium bottled water out in the market our water is sourced, filtered & bottled to industry standards. But it’s the set of Ethos we stand by that makes what makes our water Taste Better!

Profit Contribution & Long Term Sustainability

We pledge to contribute 60% of the profit that we make from each bottle in order to raise funds for charities that are responsible and committed towards making a positive and a long-term impact on the community. We also take accountability in maintaining transparency with the contributions we make to the projects we support.

Social & Environmental Responsibility

“Water with a Difference” is clearly the most ethical bottle of water available to the consumers in the Sri Lankan market. We have also taken possible steps to minimize our environmental impact in our way of doing business and therefore we are also mindful of the impact we have on our planet.

We are currently working with our suppliers to try introducing a more environmentally friendly product in the near future and imposing industry best practices.

Social Business & Community Collaboration

Our bottle water project is cause-driven & is set up to support different areas of poverty eradication such as education, livelihood, health, basic infrastructure etc. We would like to see it as a business model where we facilitate a medium for people to support people.

Inline with the above we encourage community collaboration through beneficial partnerships linking various individuals & organizations to ensure we secure the best expertise to serve a common objective, with a social purpose to help transform lives.

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