1. What is the “Difference”

    Funds raised by water sales are directly contributed towards our partners social projects in Sri Lanka  & is used as a vehicle to change mind patterns by giving consumers a choice to help causes with a simple purchase of a bottle of water with a difference.

  2. Why We Started “Water With A Difference”

    At our early stages of research we looked at industry sectors where we could create a sustainable social project platform where it has long terms benefits, and bottle water came on top as the Bottled water is a Million rupee industry in Sri Lanka and we identified this to be a perfect vehicle for us to start spreading a message for a positive change given the amount of areas the industry taped into. The initiative also took after the vision our Co-Founder’s and their desire to give back to the community. So we simply started to think out of a bottle on how we could convert your everyday purchase into a life-changing element.

  3. Who We are

    Water With A Difference – it’s a drinking bottled water project & first of its kind launched in Sri Lanka with the whole objective of giving back to the society. However having said that we know we are not the solution for everything but we have taken a simple step to help people think responsibility and impose sustainable best practices amongst local businesses…

  4. How Does it work

    Just a simple Purchase of a bottle of water with a difference because We want the project to be island wide where the product itself will carry the message and be something people will believe in than be just on the shelves. We did not want to limit a bottle of water want a difference to those who uses social media & or read English but it’s for the people & the masses who needs to be educated and uplifted and offer a choice.

  5. Who Can Join us

    “This is for You” – whether you are a charity, corporate, individual, restaurant, agent, supermarket, school or event organizer. There are many ways you could get involved & benefit from this initiative.

  6. How Much Money Does A Bottle Contribute Towards Social Projects?

    100% of our profits are contributed towards social projects and the amount we retain from each bottle goes in to covering all the direct costs of bottling & overheads of the operation.  Therefore it is merely a perfect tool for organizations & charities that wants to raise funds to give back and do some good.

  7. How Much Have We Contributed

    Just completing 6 months in to the operation, we have finalized our first quarter (Q1) contributions to charities & we have managed to raise LKR 98,000 from 6th of January to 31st of April 2013 together with our first project partner Coco Veranda.

  8. Why A Plastic bottle

    We understand all concerns relating to plastic bottles and its environmental impact, we want water with a difference to be different, so we want it to be a educational vehicle not just a polluter of plastic bottles, so we have plans to use our plat form to educate and introduce best sustainable practices But we can’t do it without starting small to resolve bigger issues. Therefore these initiatives will be introduced gradually as the project progresses with your help and assistance.

  9. Why we don’t use glass bottles

    Glass bottles are good but not economical for a start up and keep our cost low to make a purchase of a bottle of water with a difference more affordable to generate funds for needed so that the project can grow and we could contribute more. But we will convert consumers to use sustainable material as time comes.

  10. Is Recycling/Sustainability In Our Agenda

    Yes & we have a comprehensive CSR plan.  Also we use this as a educational tool to show pros & cons so that consumers can make an informed decision & we want to give consumers the choice. Also this simple initiative could even surprise you by Recycling PET bottles to a re-invented Soft Toy just to carry a message that could make a positive social / environmental change that is much needed.

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